Honorees & Committee

Gila and Adam

Gila Milstein was born in Morocco and immigrated to Israel when she was six years old. A graduate of the Rothschild Hospital Nursing School, she served as an officer in the Israeli army. Gila sits on the Board of several organizations, including the American-Israel Education Foundation and StandWithUs. She serves as the President of Stand By Me, an organization that supports Israeli-American cancer patients and their families in Los Angeles, as well as the President of MERONA Leadership Foundation, which organizes the Los Angeles Impact Forum. 

Adam Milstein is a native of Israel and served in IDF during the Yom Kippur War and afterwards graduated from the Technion. Adam earned an MBA from USC and began a career in Commercial Real Estate in Southern California becoming a Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties. Adam is a Co-founder and Board Member of the Israeli-American Council (IAC) and served as its National Chairman from 2015 to 2019.

The Milstein Family Foundation supports a range of Pro-Israel organizations including the Israeli-American Council (IAC), the American Israel Education Foundation (the educational wing of AIPAC), StandWithUs, AISH HaTorah, Hasbara Fellowships, Taglit-Birthright Israel, and Christians United for Israel.

The Milstein family lives in Encino and have three daughters and three grandchildren.

Gala Chairs

David and Judy Hager
Tony and Kathy Namvar
David and Sheryl Wiener

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Tribute Committee

    Guy and Yoli Bachar
    Haim and Helen Dayan
    Kfir Gavrieli
    Victor and Mazal Hadad
    Ezra and Lauren Kest
    Alon and Rosana Miller
    Linda and Steve Wasserman
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Banquet Committee

    Mr. and Mrs. Kambiz & Lily Babaoff
    Mr. and Mrs. Rick & Debi Baer
    Mr. and Mrs. Tom K. & Jill Barad
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bergman
    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis & Debra Berman
    Dr. and Dr. Barry & Susan Berman
    Mr. and Mrs. Barry & Sherry Burdorf
    Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey & Joyce Chernick
    Mr. Neil Cohen & Mrs. Joy Prefer-Cohen
    Mr. Michael Cohn
    Mr. Mike Drath
    Mrs. Lillian Berman Goldfarb
    Mr. and Mrs. Wesley & Christine Bilson
    Mr. Stanley Black
    Mr. and Mrs. Bob & Lucy Blinder
    Mr. and Dr. Michael & Vivien Bonert
    Mrs. Kharlene H. Boxenbaum
    Rabbi and Mrs. Nachum & Emuna Braverman
    Dr. and Mrs. Leon & Rochelle Brooks
    Dr. Andrew Brooks
    Mr. and Mrs. John & Jennifer Cataldo
    Mr. and Mrs. Craig & Kim Darian
    Mr. and Mrs. Phillip & Alyce de Toledo
    Mr. and Mrs. Zigi & Lauren Dromy
    Mr. Gilbert Epstein
    Maytal & Alan Fattal
    Mr. Jeff Feinberg
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael & Sandy Feldmar
    Mr. Stephen & Sheila Fenster
    Mr. and Dr. Chaim & Nicole Fink
    Mr. and Mrs. Marc S. & Beth Firestone
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard & Shari Foos
    Mr. and Mrs. Harry D. & Vivian Forman
    Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. & Victoria Frankel
    Mr. and Mrs. Sam & Ardyth Freshman
    Dr. and Mrs. Marc J. & Donna Friedman
    Dr. Joseph & Elizabeth Gindi
    Mr. and Mrs. Gregg & Naomi Gittler
    Mr. and Mrs. Ernie & Regina Goldberger
    Mr. and Mrs. Adrian & Deborah Goldstein
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeff & Debra Goodman
    Mr. and Mrs. Jacob & Pnina Graff
    Mr. and Mrs. Marty & Lisa Greenberg
    Mr. Howard Grobstein
    Dr. and Mrs. Glenn & Pamela Grossman
    Mr. Benhoor Hanasabzadeh
    Mr. Efrem Harkham
    Ms. Chavi Hertz
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard & Beverly Horowitz
    Mr. Martin & Anne Hurwitz
    Mr. Jud Ireland
    Mr. and Mrs. Martin & Susan Jannol
    Mr. and Mrs. Mitch & Joleen Julis
    Mr. Michael Karlin
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip & Janice Kaufler
    Mr. Michael Kest
    Mr. and Mrs. Ralph & Jackie Lacher
    Mr. and Mrs. David & Beth Leventhal
    Mr. and Mrs. Steve & Loren Levine
    Mr. Marty Levy
    Mr. and Mrs. Julian & Stacey Maimin
    Mr. Joel Mandel
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce & Marilyn Mandel
    Mr. and Mrs. Rob & Mary Mandel
    Mr. and Mrs. Henry & Lisa Manoucheri
    Mr. and Mrs. Steve & Denise Margolin
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeff & Deborah Margolis
    Mr. Mort Maurer
    Mr. Lowell Milken
    Mr. Ed Mizrahi
    Mr. Todd M. Morgan
    Mr. and Mrs. Allen & Sandra Moshi
    Mr. and Mrs. Mousa & Fran Namvar
    Mr. and Mrs. Raphael & Rebecca Nissel
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael & Dale Nissenson
    Mr. and Mrs. Jack & Linda Nourafshan
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert & Brana Paster
    Mr. and Mrs. Melvin & Susan Plutsky
    Mr. and Mrs. Howard & Judy Raykoff
    Mr. Roy & Nahal Rayn
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeff & Linda Resnick
    Mr. and Dr. David & Beth Ricanati
    Mr. and Mrs. Alan & Marilyn Rich
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott & Lisa Richards
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen & Rachel Ross
    Mr. and Mrs. Simon & Minette Rubin
    Mr. and Mrs. Tony & Linda Rubin
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard & Ellen Sandler
    Ms. Veronica Schweitzer
    Mr. Mark Siegel
    Dr. and Mrs. David & Margy Sievers
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey & Kellie Singer
    Mr. and Mrs. Tom & Lesley Slatkin
    Mr. Ed Slatkin
    Mr. and Mrs. Jaime & Marilyn Sohacheski
    Mr. and Mrs. David & Marilyn Striks
    Mr. David Suissa
    Mr. Albert Sweet
    Mr. and Mrs. Howard & Helen Szabo
    Mrs. Judith D. Tamkin
    Mr. and Mrs. Avi & Rhona Wacht
    Mrs. Sarah Weintraub
    Mr. and Mrs. Lyle & Veronica Weisman
    Dr. Phil & Adi Werthman
    Mrs. Susan Wilstein
    Mr. and Mrs. Howard & Marni Witkin
    Mr. Greg Yaris
    Mr. Robert & Adrianne Zarnegin
    Mr. Richard Zelle
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